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Tara Cooke you are so wonderful 

and easy to work with!

From the start when I sent you photos,

to you arriving 

with all your bundles of

sample books, fabric swatches, 

molding samples and paint books.


You made the entire decorating process a delight.


We loved that you also rearranged 

the furniture and items 

that have special meaning to us, 

and you made the not so attractive pieces 

showcased into attractive pieces.


The kids are at ease

in every room 

and so is my husband.


The kids love their rooms so much 

they happily make their beds 

and pick up. 



Our house both inside and out 

finally feels like a home.


Thank you!  


- S. Williams

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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Tara Cooke performed a miracle! 


Tara Cooke was called in to stage a house

that had been terribly abused and neglected.

We really didn’t think anything could help much.


To our amazement

- after Tara Cooke’s amazing makeover

- the house Sold in 48 hours

AND for $7,000.00 over the asking price.


Tara renovated the bathrooms, mudroom,

and the entire lower level of the home.

Tara also gutted & renovated the entire kitchen;

moved 2 walls and repositioned the entire kitchen's layout.

She had a new patio installed, plus she designed

and managed the landscaping.


Tara maximized the space for the entire home

and enhanced the homes entire flow.

Tara took charge of the project completely

from the beginning until the closing.



Tara's selections of all the paint colors,

the different flooring's, all the cabinetry,

the granite counters, cabinetry

and all the new appliances

she recommended were spot on.


Tara then furnished the entire house

beautifully showing off the home's full potential.


Tara Cooke's cost effective and outstanding work

then put us in a powerful marketing position

to maximize the price

by making it a turn-key property.


We were directly competing

with two other equally-priced homes in the neighborhood.

Both were larger homes

and one home was even located directly behind our listing.


It was the home that Tara Cooke

and her company Staging And Beyond renovated and decorated

in her staging flair that sold flat out.

And sold with a large profit for the home’s Sellers.


In my seventeen years as a Real Estate Agent,

I have rarely seen this kind of dramatic turnaround!


- S. Prinzo,

Realtor GRI, SRES,

Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate


We’re pleased to recommend Tara Cooke

of Staging and Beyond.

Tara is a person that stays on top of the job

from start to finish

and comes through on time.


Tara's thoughtful choices show a keen design sense

and knowledge of the buyer’s psychology in this market.


The overall experience of working with her

is both professional and joyful.

She brings her exuberance, passion,

and decorating savvy transforming rooms

for homeowners into unforgettable spaces.


Tara is savvy,

and absolutely does make the most of every dollar.


In terms of adding value,

Tara knows how to make homes stand out

in this saturated market

and take your house to the next level,



We’re pleased to give Tara Cooke

and her company Staging And Beyond

the highest reference.


- Julie and Steve B.

Encino, CA


We wanted to put our craftsman style house on the market, but it presented quite a challenge.


I personally observed the tremendous difference

that Tara Cooke made

when she undertook our staging project.


From the window treatments to the selection of plants,

to the artistic placement of art & accessories,

Tara knows how to trigger a buyer's desire

for a wonderful life style.


Tara Cooke possesses the rare talent

to show off the full potential of a house

and it's land while giving it such huge impact.

Tara enabled Buyers to envision themselves living here.

She creates genuine emotional desire and appeal.


I have and will continue to refer Tara Cooke

to anyone I know who intends to sell their homes.


- G. Mckee

South Pasadena, CA


When you see a beautifully decorated house on the market,

there's a good chance its inviting ambience

wasn't created by the seller.


Savvy sellers in today’s market always

have their homes staged by a professional,

especially in this recovering market,

but it can't be just any professional stager

or even designer for that matter.


Tara Cooke at Staging and Beyond

knows what today’s buyers want.


Tara Cooke is so creative and has such great taste.

Even by her just re-purposing what you've already got

she gives your home a makeover

that's so appealing and realistic,

it might just make you want to stay.


- A. Lewis

Los Angeles, CA


As trustee for an estate,

I was attempting

to sell a house

to provide cash assets

for the welfare of a family member.

The property was run down

and so was the real estate market.


I had used one realtor,

but fired her and her stagers

after several months of poor buyer responses.


After this loss of time and money,

I brought in a new realtor

and Tara Cooke of Staging and Beyond.


In just a few weeks,

the house became a showcase,

even the neighbors streamed in and out.


Tara's Staging was low cost

with a high-end contemporary feel

that was comfortable

and felt like a home.


Tara Cooke brought this house from the

“Worst house on the block

to the Most Desired house on the block”.


Tara’s placement of furniture,

all the colors she chose,

what she did with the kitchen, bathrooms,

bedrooms and the backyard,

everything was remarkable.


But most remarkable,

the house sold for $261,000 more

than originally suggested by the first agent.


Tara Cooke & her company Staging And Beyond

brought in top dollar for us.

Definitely BEYOND what I had imagined!


- David R.

Beverly Hills, CA

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Tara Cooke's interior design and decorating

addressed not only the technical needs

but also the aesthetic comforts

that have made wonderful homes

for me to live and entertain in.  


My Paris apartment

had such unique architectural angles,

but after moving in

found it awkward

and very challenging. 


Tara's worldly travels

enabled her to customize

and transform my entire home,

all the while exemplifying my global style.

Then when I purchased

my NYC apartment

with a odd staircase

in the middle of the apartment

that felt cold and out of place,

I knew Tara was the decorator to contact.

Tara changed the flow of the 

upstairs and downstairs areas,

rearranged my furniture and art.

She brought in some

architecture elements,

and changed paint colors.


Instantly it all felt

delightfully charming,

warm and inviting.


I was so excited to entertain,

and immediately threw a dinner party

that had all my guests gushing

over my captivating NYC apt.


Tara Cooke transforms homes

with a smart,

chic, fresh sense of style. 

She captures the unique fit

that reflects a perfect balance

of one’s personality,

lifestyle and home.  


- Danielle V.

Paris, France and NYC

Repeat customer

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Thank you Tara Cooke

and your company Staging And Beyond.


Thank you for your professionalism

and for finishing the staging ahead of schedule.


Tara strategically placed all the furnishings

and the artwork around the house.

People could identify with her appealing choices.


Your Staging designs

showed off the house

creating a appealing and inviting lifestyle.

As you know,

the showing for realtors was a dream!

And we quickly ran out of the business cards

you gave us for realtors

who wanted your contact info.


Tara believes

that in today’s crazy competitive market

Sellers CAN NOT expect

to just leave it up to the

Buyer to use their imagination

and try to picture their furniture

fitting in empty rooms

and over crammed rooms.

And she knows that no longer

will Buyers

pay the asking price

when they see an outdated house.


When Tara Cooke decorates a home,

the results are stylish

and it really feels like a livable home.

She makes it relatable to buyers

and more desirable.

Tara addresses it all,

even the small details

like drawers and closets.


The experience of working with

Tara Cooke was a pleasure.

She made it a profitable transaction!

We sold in less than 2 days,

received 11 offers,

and sold for $10,000.00 over the asking price.


- J. Devine,


Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate


Our beautiful house

remained on the market

losing value every day.

All the Open house showings

we had just hadn't brought offers

and exclusives were ponderously slow.


My wife invited Tara Cooke to dinner

and when I learned what she did

in the real estate market,

I said. "Absolutely. Let's do it."


We immediately hired Tara Cooke, 

and I felt that a huge burden

had been lifted off my shoulders.


Tara did such an incredible job.

Our house was now such a warm

and very appealing home.


We quickly closed with a double profit,

to a couple who said our house

was exactly what they had been looking for

in a eight month-long search.

The couple loved everything so much

they purchased our furnishings also.


Thank you Tara,

Bless you from the both of us.


- Philip W.

Westhampton, NY


My client bought one of the homes staged

by Tara Cooke

and her company Staging And Beyond.


Talk about First Impressions!


I attended the first preview of the home

and the minute I saw the property

I knew it was exactly perfect for one of my clients.

The second my client drove up

they were excited from just the curb appeal alone.


The house was so smartly designed by Tara Cooke.

From the moment they saw the place,

my clients had to have it!

So they wrote an offer

well over asking price

to also include all furnishings.

They loved the whole package.


We waited anxiously as the offers poured in.

Finally, our offer was accepted and my clients rejoiced.

They are so happy in their newly decorated

and furnished home.

My clients look forward to starting a family

and living there for years to come.


It's fantastic to sell a property

the first time it's put on the market,

it's a great profitable win for everyone.

We all get on with enjoying life

instead of being blogged down

with outdated or empty homes

causing back and forth costly delays

for all parties.


I’d love to have Tara Cooke

and her company Staging And Beyond

in my corner designing

and updating my listings.


RE Buyer's agent:

Thomas M.

Century 21 AA Realty

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Tara Cooke made such a huge difference

when we were trying to sell our place.


I didn't want to put a lot of money into the project.

Tara is a frugal genius.

She knew how to use what we had

and made suggestions of inexpensive additions

that made for a major improvement.


It was a delight working with Tara

because of her brilliant innovative ideas.

She is extremely creative

and is a pleasure with a cheerful, upbeat personality.


I picked up so many fabulous designing tricks

and tips from Tara. 


Selling a place can be depressing

-- nightmare is more like it --

working with Tara Cooke made it enjoyable

and extremely profitable for us.


- P. Anderson

West Palm Beach, FL

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I am utterly impressed

by what Tara Cooke accomplished

and I am very happy

to refer her amazing abilities.


My 6,500 sq. ft, loft in NYC SoHo

presented many unique challenges.

Having lived there for over thirty years,

it was hard to visualize

what could make it more appealing,

mostly because the size of the space was so huge

and filled up with my stuff. 


Tara was very patient with me

as she first decluttered

and organized the loft. 

She brought in a cleaning crew

and then rearranged all my furniture

for such a better flow. 


Tara's amazing design sense

saw new possibilities for my art and things;

it all feels like brand new furnishings.


I dreaded having anyone over

before Tara worked on my loft space.


Now I have different areas to entertain

guests and clients.

I enjoy having people over

and hearing them gush

about how wonderful my loft is.


The colors and artistic touches Tara added

were perfect. 


Thanks to Tara Cooke

I now love my loft and am staying. 

I wish I had hired you thirty years ago!


- D. Goldman,

New York City, NY

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Tara Cooke is a

frugal stylish amazement! 


Tara Cooke is a Staging Guru

and a true professional.


She showed us so many ideas

for our home and backyard areas 

to implement now and also in the future.


Anyone who is wanting fresh changes

at budget friendly prices, 

I highly recommend Tara's services. 

- Chris K.

Escondido, CA


Tara Cooke came to the rescue

and helped me sell my home

in this over saturated market.


Tara helped my home stand out from,

and above so many of the other competing houses.

She used cost-effective decorating ideas, and spruce ups.

Even her rearrangement of all our furniture

showed off our home to feel

and appear much more spacious. 


I saw a stunning estate that was a diamond in the rough.

But we quickly became overwhelmed

after we moved in

from what what all need to be done 

to update and remodel.

I felt Tara had managed and accomplished

such a wonderful job for us

and she had worked so efficiently for us

that I hired her again

for this new home we purchased.


Tara took charge and stayed on budget.

Instead of worrying over the process,

I was able to be excited at ever step of the way.

Seeing our home go from outdated and crumbling

to the splendor of a Grand estate.

Tara managed all the aspects of renovating

and decorating our new dream home.

She listened

to our functional needs for our home

and implemented styles that completely captured us,

what we love and accentuated the house.


Our home is now beautiful, sophisticated,

worldly and comfortable.

We love that friends and guests

are found congregating

in so many different rooms and areas

throughout our home and back yard.


We love our new home and constantly entertain.

Now in our new home we can do so with ease

because of all of Tara's talents

and devotion to even the smallest details

of styling our home.


My family is now so proud

to show off our gorgeous estate.

Thank you Tara Cooke

for giving us the home of our dreams

– and a super special place that our pooch loves!


- B. Goldburg,

Laguna Niguel, CA

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Tara Cooke offered

concrete, practical and easy solutions

that are able to transform a living space.


I was really at a loss

as to how I could update my kitchen

without going through major renovations.


Tara was able to offer a variety of options

at different price points,

and explain how a potential buyer would react.

She is an absolute wealth of information and ideas.

Her patience and kindness

through what I thought would be a difficult situation 

turned into a dream come true.


Tara is passionate about what she does

and that enthusiasm carries through in her work.

- Nichole D.

Fallbrook, CA

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To deal with my situation,

I felt overwhelmed

and was beginning to feel hopeless.

I thought I needed a magician.


Well, I not only found one,

but a whole team of them.

I think Staging and Beyond is a great name

for the company

because they certainly went beyond

what I expected.


They looked at every detail

and fashioned an approach

that really transformed the entire property.


From the front curb to the backyard fence,

buyers were definitely impressed.


Contracting Tara Cooke

was definitely more than worth it for me. 


I would not have profited at all

if it weren’t for the services of Tara Cooke

of Staging And Beyond.


- Phil R.

Huntington, New York

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As a professional in the field of generating wealth,

I know that the major asset

most people have is their home.


But in order to obtain the highest financial return,

a number of strategies must be employed.


Among the most significant

is staging the home in a manner

that maximizes its profitability.


For this, I strongly recommend Tara Cooke

and Staging and Beyond.


They have acute sense of the real estate market

and are able to position homes

in a style befitting the most demanding clients.


Tara Cooke, the owner of the company,

is a no-nonsense design expert

who can cut to the chase and deliver results.


I highly suggest that people

serious about selling their homes

avail themselves of her considerable expertise.


- Ramona C.

Redondo Beach, CA

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Frankly, neither my husband nor I

had a clue about what to do

about our major problem areas,

the kitchen and the living room.


In fact, I was so nervous

about installing

kitchen cabinet counter tops,

scared that I would make a lousy, costly mistake.

Everything I kept pricing was way over my budget.


So my kitchen had stayed bare

with faux counter tops for over a year. 


Then I met Tara at a friend’s party.


We definitely hit it off

and she came over about a week later.


From the first minute,

you could tell that Tara

had a remarkable flair for design,

sort of a sixth sense. 


So we hired her;

and what Tara recommended

was budget conscientious

and improved the value of our place immensely.


We LOVE our apartment so much now.


Thanks to Tara Cooke

and her fabulous design style

we now truly enjoy entertaining

in our Manhattan apt.


Tara is a great talent, and a great gal!


- E. Emerson

New York City, NY


Fabulous, fabulous!

Tara Cooke you are such a Brilliant Decorator!


My house sold the first week.  


You were brilliant beyond my wildest dreams.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone

who might be selling their home

or anyone staying put.


You had so many useful brilliant ideas.

You are very attentive

and amazingly detailed oriented.

You notice even the smallest details.


You made me laugh

through what could have been

an arduous tension-filled experience.

Your lovely sunny disposition

and capable take-charge abilities

left me wanting to never let you go. 


Tara Cooke, you are so talented.

Thank you so much!

You're truly a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to hiring you again soon. 


- R. Ohrstrom

Newport, Rhode Island

Repeat Customer


Moving into our house was exciting.

But that excitement quickly faded. 


I was too overwhelmed with boxes to unpack, 

kids - husband - and pets to tend to,

plus being pregnant.


A friend recommended Tara Cooke.

And boy am I glad she did!


Tara streamlined the selection process, 

and brought in teams 

to unpack and 

arrange all our furniture.


And without any hesitation, 

she even brought her team back in 

to rearrange some furniture 

that wasn't completely working for us.


Tara stayed focused and organized. 

She also stayed on budget.

Which was awesome.


Now, we can focus on welcoming our new baby 

and enjoy our home

with our family and friends.


Thank you for making this project fun and exciting.


- Susan B.

Solana Beach, CA

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